Transcope Trading was founded on Feb 2001 with the sole intent of designing and manufacturing the best quality custom emblems, and offering them at prices that customers will like. Our fundamental belief is that when we maintain our quality as well as service levels, and produce our emblems and other products efficiently, we will be able to pass on cost savings to our customers.

Those beliefs have not changed. They have become our guiding principles, much needed in the competitive business environment in which we operate.

Along the way, we expanded our product offering to include a suite of interesting complementary items. Today, in addition to embroidered emblems and patches, we also design and produce woven patches and labels, ball caps, neck ties, lapel pins, keychains, bullion emblems, car hood badges, grille badges and so on.

We are deeply appreciative of our global clientele, without whom we would not be here today. We look forward to serving each and every customer in the best way we can, and to many years of mutually beneficial cooperation.